Thursday, May 26, 2011

Send-Off Party Plans

Jenny, Kathy and I at my 50th Birthday Bash
The big Swaziland Send-Off Party at Jenny's house is around the corner.  And I'm getting pretty excited about seeing everyone.  I thought about alerting the media of the social event of the year, but then, decided against it.  We'll have enough media there without issuing a press release ... as well as scientists, tennis players, teachers, business owners, librarians, producers, activists, artists, models, chefs, lawyers, doctors and generally, everyone I know and love.  Can't wait until Saturday.  How many hours left until we get to pop open a bottle of wine?
Kathy said that I didn't have to make a speech if I didn't want to, but my family assures me that it would be wise to put together a few thoughts.  I've been working on a few "talking points" this afternoon -- on my laptop beside the pool in the gorgeous sunshine -- but can't seem to string two words together without getting seriously misty-eyed.  At present, I can't even make out the screen, let alone the words I've typed there.  Maybe I'll go back to practicing my non-existent Siswati or endeavor to stack necessities beside my suitcase.  Fitting my sleeping bag, flashlights, hard drives, alarm clock and sensible shoes in two bags weighing 80 lbs. seems almost as impossible as managing a couple of thank you's at the appropriate time on Saturday. Fingers crossed.  No one said this was going to be easy.