Sunday, July 10, 2011

My new cell phone number!

Just received our Peace Corps cell phones! 

My number is 0026876781487 and it's free for me to receive international calls, so please skype me sometime!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Letters from Swaziland

Friday July 1st, 2011 2:30pm
Life is much better than last I wrote... Finally we received our medical kit which is stocked with everything from band-aids and sunscreen to a clean syringe and snake bite treatment. All of the sleep I'm getting is really helpful - it is pitchblack by 6pm and I'm always in bed by 8pm. Then, the day starts around 6am when the chickens are let out of the coop at the Masuku homestead - which so far, feels late. Come to fnd out, I'm kind of a morning person.
It's mid-winter here now and we are in a scrub-savannah rural area. Every day has been warm (70 degrees F) in the sunshine and pretty damn cold at night (40?). I certainly with I had brought more sweaters and sweatshirts and I made the mistake of packing all my pants (except my UCSD and black sweatpants) in my bag that I won't get until we are moved to out permanent sites after swearing in on August 9th.
One of the things that has struck me - and surprised me - is how strong I am mentally and physically - especially at my age! So many of these volunteers are just out of college , but more than that, they are so 'wet behind the ears'.
Love you all!